Lost In the Sauce

Dive into THCA Diamonds and Terp Sauce from 100% Indoor Flowers


Fly First Class

Taste the terpy amazwow of Indoor-Organic Nugrun concentrates


Indoor + Organic

Premium Flowers cultivated with care


Nugrun Edibles

Grandma Never Made 'em This Dank.


From Seed to Packaged Product, Justdab is a guarantee of Purity and Potency.


Growing inside is the secret to big, beautiful buds packed with THC. By meticulously controlling the grow environment, we ensure that our concentrates all begin with the most pristine Cannabis.


All our flowers are carefully cultivated by master growers using organic nutrients and strictly no pesticides.


Nugrun means we only extract from whole nugs that you could otherwise purchase from a dispensary. No trim, no shake, no BS.

These ultra-premium flowers are then extracted using industry-proven practices and world-class equipment.

Refined Light Hydrocarbons

Lab-grade hydrocarbons are free from harmful impurities. This is what we use. The light hydrocarbon extraction process is prized by concentrate connoisseurs for its ability to preserve the flavor nuances of each bud beyond just terpenes. Experience the whole-bud difference with all cannabinoids, terpenes and plant lipids intact.

Closed-Loop Process

The universally accepted safest way to perform a light hydrocarbon extraction, processing occurs in combustion-proof facilities deploying high quality Made In USA equipment.

The resulting pure, potent concentrates are then crafted into various forms for consumption.

Skywalker OG Nugrun Shatter

Clarity Clarity Clarity.

Variable Voltage Justdab Pen

Now with Pre-heat!

Killa OG Flower

Much Gas.

24K OG Liquid Nugrun Shatter

Perfect travel companion

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